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Naked Glass Ceramic Gold

Naked Glass Ceramic Gold

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Naked Glass Ceramic Gold


Ceramic gold is a world leader in ceramic protection. Used for your vehicles paintwork, plastics and alloy wheels. Tiles, Acrylic, Glass and many other surfaces can also benefit from Ceramic Gold's protection. It provides a premium high-gloss shine and a permanent bond to forever protect your initial surface.


Reasons to use Naked Glass Ceramic Gold:

  • High-gloss and shine
  • Permanent bond for long lasting protection
  • Anti-Scratch effect
  • UV Damage Prevention
  • Weather Resistance
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Corrosion Resitance
  • Oxidation Resistance


Naked Glass Ceramic Gold Kit Includes:

  • 25ml Bottle Naked Glass Ceramic Gold
  • 1 Applicator sponge
  • 1 High quality mink microfibre


Put simply, to maintain the look and feel of your vechicle, or any other surface you are wanting protected... Naked Glass Ceramic Gold is the only real choice.